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This Artist Crafts Stunning Collages From Aluminum Cans

While the majority of us throw away the can once we finish the drink, this artist turns them into real piece of art. Allan McEnroe collects the old drinks cans, washes them properly and only after starts cutting pieces for the future to be collages of nature and pop culture.


Some of these works take from three hours to several weeks to complete, as the process is not the easiest one. Allan measures the cans and marks pieces according to the shapes and sizes he needs for a particular drawing. So the whole work is divided into stages, and he can go back to the same piece few times before making sure it is complete.
The tools for creating such masterpieces also vary from tweezers, scissors, bonding glue to brushes. The idea of recycling the cans came to the artist unexpectedly, just when he looked at the thrown away cans and thought that they are too shiny and nice to be thrown away, and might be used again for something different than just a can. This is how the idea of designing collages was born.

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