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These Yummy Popsicles Are Made Of Everything But Ice Cream

The photographer Benny Gam Zo Letova puts the concept of popsicles in doubt, as usually everything that comes on the stick is considered to be an ice cream, right? But if you have a look at these series of photos, what you might think is a candy, in reality is a real mushroom.


The series is called “Food Crime ice Cream” – and is a funny project, which uses very extraordinary covers for the usual ice creams. Have you ever considered having your popsicle covered with meat, mushrooms or even humus?

While it looks totally awesome from the outside, the taste of such ice cream as ground beef might not be so good.
Photographer chose magnum for the base of an ice cream as it is a favorite one for the artist. So he purchased the silicon mold to craft the popsicles and made plastic molds in the shape of Magnum ice cream.

The artist spent a whole hour on each of the popsicle during the first day of photo shooting, as all of them are crafted with hands with generous amount of super glue.

Letova admits that he had to use a bit of Photoshop, as some of the items couldn’t be sticked via super glue, but he is very pleased with a whole work, as these ice creams look truly adorable and weird.

Have a look at the video to see exactly how these popsicles were made:


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