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These Special Shoes Can Share Stories…

These shoes are a masterpiece from Greek born Israeli artist Costa Magarakis, who decided to turn the usual footwear into sculptures that carry their own story. So next time you think of throwing your old pair of sneakers, consider this idea instead!


The artist used all possible shoes, from high heeled wedges to skating shoes – the imagination of the artist really goes wild! Costa took inspiration from Victorian inventions as well as classical fiction. Just have a look at them, don’t you have a feeling that they come out from the pages of Jules Verne novels?

But to create such a masterpiece will take some effort, as all of them are made of reinforced stone hard resin and high quality fiberglass. Please don’t try to put them on, because it is impossible. Though instead you may purchase such a sculpture for yourself as the artist actually sells them via Etsy.
Choose your pair and share your own story.

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