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These Currency Leaf Insects Are Adorable

In natural surrounding, the leaf insects are using mimicry to blend into the nature, but in the works of Takumi Kama, the whole environment slightly changed by being totally destroyed and poor insects had to move in with those who stole their homes. The Japanese artist created them with incredible accuracy and looks like they will start to crawl in a minute. While preparing to one of the recent exhibitions at BAMI Gallery in Kyoto, Kama came up with two different types of insects, who skilfully camouflage themselves in the streets of the city. The first type is the Hide-mushi, the name comes from the 1000 yen bill image of Hideo Noguchi and looks like a currency bug, plus he eats the paper in order to preserve its color.


And the second type is the Comi- mushi, who camouflages with the help of comic books and strips. He does like to stay in comic book stores, but usually comes out when the garbage truck arrives to pick up the books for recycling. What an imagination!
The insects are painted with such details that it is almost impossible to tell if they are two or three dimensional. But one thing is definite, no currency was destroyed in the name of the art. Everything you see was masterfully painted on the canvas by the genius artist!



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