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These Amazing Artworks Will Take You To The Other world

The masterpieces created by famous artist Nikolai Lockertsen from Norway will take you in the world of comic books and fantasies.


Originally from city of Moss, Norway the artist is not only professional and skilled painter but also works as a leading Art Director at Storm Studios. The pictures are seeing now belong to his portfolio and are actually done with the help of Procreate, a painting -app which the artist uses on his Apple iPad. This application didn’t show up by coincidence, as Nikolai is a part now of another big project – Procreate, the application that gives you a chance to work on ultra-high definition images.

These works are better than any proof that you don’t need expensive and extraordinary tools to create such masterpieces, only one single application!

In the video below, you may witness the process of creating these amazing pictures!

For more vivid examples of this marvellous technique have a look at this collection of pictures:



Images [email protected] Nikolai Lockertsen

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