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The World’s Record Set In Rio: The Artwork Stretches 600 Feet Long

While athletes are busy with setting their own record on Olympic Games in Rio, there is another contest going on, and one artist is very close to getting a gold medal for creating the largest mural artwork by himself. Eduardo Kobra has presented his work called “Etnias” on one of the very busy Olympic boulevards by crafting a 623 feet work in bright, vibrant colors across 32, 000 square feet of brick wall, which used to be an abandoned warehouse.


The mural work presents the portrays of five people from five continents, including the Mursi of Ethiopia, the Kayin of Thailand, the Supi of Europe, the Tapajos from the Americas and the Huli of Papua New Guinea.

The work is so called continuation of Kobra’s series “Peace Outlooks”, which also included the portrays of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. The five portrays from five continents symbolize the Olympic rings, according to Kobra and the main idea is to show that in spite of being all different, we are the one. People do have the same origin, so we have to get along somehow and not only during Olympic Games, but in everyday life as well.

The artist was intended to show that even though we live in the tough time, full of conflicts, we are all united, all connected.

Now, artist is trying to beat the record in Guinness World Record hold by Mexican artist, Ernesto Rocha, whose mural work was presented in 2009 and is half size of “Etnias”.



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