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The New Art Installation In Rio De Janeiro

The Olympic Games are coming closer and closer and in order to celebrate such a big event, artist JR decided to create two new public artworks in the city, where whole sport event is going to take place this year. The installations are built upon the French artist’s already going “Inside Out’ project, but using a totally new way of installation: construction scaffolding. The two huge athletic figures skillfully perform on metal poles, and are place in dramatic locations across Rio.


You may find the first sculpture on the roof of residential complex, and you will be astonished by a massive athlete preparing to jump. This artwork represents a 27 Mohamed Younes Idriss, who has been missed out on qualification for the 2016 Olympic games but still participates, according to the artist.

The second installation is located next to the Barra neighborhood, and shows a diver leaping into the ocean. Both of the installations are attached to large scale metal beams which hold f the artworks floating in the air. New way to celebrate the Olympic Games, why not, right?


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