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Submerged Into The Dead Sea Dresses Turn Into Salty Masterpieces

The Dead Sea has always attracted with its unique texture, healthy benefits and absolutely beautiful views. But Israeli artist Sigalit Landau has a special love for the sea which goes back to the days from childhood, when she was looking over the northern banks and spent time with her family on its coast. The sea had a huge impact on the future artist and that’s why it became not only inspiration, but  a sort of material as well.


The latest project of an artist is Salt Bride, which is a series of eight photos and represents a collaboration with the mysticism inherent in the cherished lake’s chemistry. What exactly the artist does? Landau submerged a black dress in the waters of the Dead Sea back in 2014, and was coming back regularly during the three months to see how salt was making its magic, covering the black material with sparkling crystals.


The whole concept was inspired by S. Ansky 1916 play titled The Dybbuk, the story of romance and sorcery which artist is trying to recreate with her work. The original Salt Bride garment is actually a replica of the gown worn in 1920-s, where salt carries its own meaning, symbolizing the supernatural force, which can turn the black gown into the white wedding dress.


The process of photography had to undergo its own way of changes, as every single printed image had to be developed by liquid emulsion.

The extraordinary project can be admired at London’s Marlborough Contemporary, but take a quick peek though our gallery to get inspired.




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