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Stunning Ventricle Installations At Festival Of Love, London

The New York based company SOFTlab presented a two part installation for London’s festival of love by the southbank center. The whole light weight aluminum structure impresses you with 3M solar mirror film and the pieces are located on both sides of the royal festival hall, which makes it visible from all over.

img_11_1469733304_d3d9446802a44259755d38e6d163e820 softlab03-designboom

This ventricle aims to represent love in the physical form: for example, the intertwining tubular structures serves as heart chambers, while the image of mountain was inspired from the hanging gardens of Babylon and the garden of Eden. Thanks to the 3M solar mirror film, the incoming lights create a bright game of colors visible from both in and outside of the building and is aimed to show how love can surpass the differences.

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The whole structure is composed of thousands of laser cut aluminum pieces and the 3M reflecting the color and is a great attraction at the festival of London, which brings together dance, art, music and other performances.

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