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Street Art Of Cuenca

Arriving into Cuenca, Ecuador it is impossible not to notice the amount of graffiti that occupies the walls of the city. The genuine interest of talented graffers for street art  projects was always on the high level in spite of  legal penalties that often came along with their choice. Since government had  enacted an ordinance regarding street art in 2013 and provided legal spaces, nearly 60 artists made their dreams come true.

The city authorities do assist urban artists looking for an outlet for their craft, agreed to sanction the artist’s murals and even supply the paint to create them.  The artists are happy to help their city with covering unsanctioned street art.

street art Cuenca

Instead of depicting a world of legal vandalism, Cuenca’s different approach of urban art has entirely transformed the city for the better. The sludgy tags have turned into impressive works of art, as far as the quality of these projects is concerned.

street art Cuenca 1

street art Cuenca 6

street art Cuenca 4street art Cuenca 3

street art Cuenca 5

street art Cuenca 12street art Cuenca 8street art Cuenca 9

Some creative artists are using their balconies as a demonstration point of their works.

street art Cuenca 10

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