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Special Edition: Graffiti Art On The Watch Details

Who told that the street art can only decorate the boulevards, buildings and avenues of the cities? The timepiece company Richard Mille along with a French artist Cyril Phan, more known as Kongo decided to implement graffiti art on every single component of their RM 68-01 tourbillon watch model. In order to get an extra touch to the whole design, the artist had to cooperate closely with research development teams, as they were the ones who chose an asymmetrical case.


In such accurate work, every detail mattered, even applying the paint on the titanium: the artist had to take into account his movements and weight of the paint to keep the balance and not to intrude the mechanism. To make it more clear, it took one year for the teams to accomplish this project by using special gears and tools for treating the details without even touching them.


You can hardly see the letters carved, but the microscopic view will open a whole new picture. And this is actually the first time when graffiti art was applied on the timepieces. Cyril Phan used special pens for completing the letters and graphic vocabulary, and every single detail contains separate artwork which basically reminds the process of painting on the regular canvas.

This is the first time graffiti took the shape of bridges and baseplates on a watch, which makes the model of Richard Mille RM 68-01 a true masterpiece of modern street watch art.



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