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South Sudanese Street Artists Calling For Peace

A group of young artists from South Sudan express their frustration with devastating civil conflict through street art promoting peace. Young people try to get the country thinking and talking about peace by launching their campaign in capital of Juba.

‘We are tired of war and all the suffering that comes with it. We are tired of just sitting by and seeing our country burn. We are tired of having a country with vast natural resources and yet a crashing economy. We are tired of the fact that we have a beautiful cultural diversity that is destroyed by tribal animosity. We are tired of having a starving population yet we have a fertile land. We are tired of being used to kill ourselves for the benefit of a few,’ the group says.

The Ana Taban collective (from the Arabic “I am tired”) takes its name from a parallel pro-peace movement in Syria. Artistic group’s paintings are accompanied with a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #AnaTaban.





All Images © Ana Taban


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