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Romantic Paintings Of Women And Horses From French Artist

Jeanne Saint Cheron works astonish the viewers from the first sight  with its lightness and the beauty of work. These portrays are bright and atmospheric, making you believe in miracles and other worlds. Usually Jeanne prefers to paint with acrylics, giving preferences to white and light blue colors, matching them with black background. Her works are filled with numerous stories, where the main characters are charming girls and powerful horses, serving as eternal source of inspiration.
Have a look at this collection from the French artist and get your own inspiration:

JeanneSaintCheron3 JeanneSaintCheron5 JeanneSaintCheron6 JeanneSaintCheron8 JeanneSaintCheron10 JeanneSaintCheron11 JeanneSaintCheron12 JeanneSaintCheron14 JeanneSaintCheron16 182142695


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