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Revolutionary Air Ink Concept: Street Smog Turned Into Paint

India-based Gravicky Labs partnered with Tiger Beer came up with a great idea how to use polluted air! Air Ink is a brand new concept, producing of series of markers, paint and spray paint. The black pigment in the paint was actually collected from car exhaust, using hardware that captures the pollutant particles while still allowing the car to function normally. Instead of ending up in our lungs, the particles were purified and processed into ink and paint.



The ink is the brainchild of Graviky Labs founder and researcher Anirudh Sharma, who describes himself as a chronic inventor, inspired by all the smog, he set out to turn air pollutants into something useful – paint and ink.
In a recent  Graviky Labs tested its soot-based product in Hong Kong – which is known for its high pollution – and put it in the hands of local artists.
“I thought, artists create their work through smudging, marks, ink and paint. How do we tackle this air pollution problem creatively, like an artist would? What if we used art as a way to repurpose this carbon soot?” – Anirudh Sharma said.
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