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Remarkable Porcelain Female Sculptures by Juliette Clovis

Juliette Clovis is a multidisciplinary french contemporary artist, based in  Bordeaux – France. She starts drawing and painting very early in her childhood, effected by her parents, art lovers and collectors.

Juliette Clovis focuses on the woman and her image. For years, Juliette Clovis worked on female identity and the representation of women in contemporary society and its history. In her most recent works, the women are completely transformed into hybrid beings, mixes of history, myths and chimerical dreams. Either queens, madonnas, geisha girls, divinities, warriors or priestess, the women of Juliette Clovis evolve between reality and imagination, between spirituality and provocation, between coolness and sensualism.

Erinaceus concolor



Epithelantha micromeris



Fascinated by the wild beauty of Nature discovered during her different trips, the artist draws inspiration from it to create her human jungles and to explore the wild aspect of human body. She questions the balance of power between Human and Nature.

Dahlia Akita



Cyanolica nana



The Nature thematic has withdrawn from Juliette’s two dimensional artworks to invade her new sculpture creations made in Limoges porcelain.




Juliette Clovis is a “plastic surgeon”, operating on vinyl and carving into it before she superimposes the layers on Plexiglas. This unique technique she has initiated enables her to process the “skin” of her original material – vinyl – to reach her aim: reinvent beauty, analyze it and play with genes and hormones, androgyny and body changes.

The one who stings


Lilium Regale 1/1


Hystricidae 1/1


Adelpha 1/1


Juliette currently lives in Bordeaux, a city in the South-West of France. She participates to several exhibitions and fairs throughout Europe, Asia and New York and she is now represented by about ten french and foreign galleries.

All images © Juliette Clovis 

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