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Original Art Dolls of Sasha Khudyakova

Moscow-based talented artist Sasha Khudyakova represents the venerable tradition of Russian doll-making. A professional doll artist since 1992, she works with porcelain as well as Cernit, Flumo and Fimo polymer clays. She makes amazing porcelain art dolls, so delicate and womanly.

Sasha belongs to the rare category of artists who always strive to impress. She has attained perfection in the genre of classic doll: her porcelain works are naturalistic and elegant, and their suits are full of precious details. She pushes herself to continually explore innovative ideas, techniques and materials.


Her metallic porcelain statuette “The Moon” has been selected as the Artwork of the Day on site of Artexpo NY. She used metallized porcelain to create the elegant and ethereal figure in “The Moon,” garlanding her with delicate silver chains and rings to evoke the faraway delicacy of moonlight.


Gifted art doll master Sasha Khudyakova graduated from Moscow Stroganov State Art-Industrial University, in addition to being President of the Doll Artists Association, Sasha is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the International Artists Union of Russia (TSHR) (IFA), where she is Deputy Chairman of the Section of Art Dolls. 

Sasha’s unique dolls are held in private collections in Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, USA and the Museum of Moscow History in Russia.








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All Images © Sasha Khudyakova

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