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New Trend In South Korea: Scratch Art

Remember the boom about adult coloring books, which totally absorb your mind and half of the adult population lost their heads about it? Now there is a new trend in fashion: instead of coloring the book, you have to scratch it off. The new invention belongs to Seoul-based studio Lago Design and every single kit contains a wooden pen, with which you have to scratch off the gray part of the paper. The trick is the more you scratch the more city landscapes get revealed, with its shiny and sparkling font, looking as if the city turned on its lights in the middle of the night.
Depending on your preferences you can choose the landscapes of New York, Paris, Hamburg or Seoul. London or Florence and many other beautiful historical cities. Besides being a great stress reliever, once you are done you can hang this landscape on the wall like your own piece of art, anyway it was you who did all the scratching, right?



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