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Nature Inspired Artworks From Amy Spassov

Amy Spassov presented her new series of works inspired by nature in “I’ve Known The Garden”. Artist creatively combines a number of tools, paints, collages to design such marvellous art works.


Presented on the bed of flowers and petals, the series of pictures shows a perfect balance between beauty and pattern, chaos and order.

The artist focuses on the process of work, as it is as important as the finished work for her. Sometimes she calculated the process, other times takes it spontaneously. Amy spent hours walking along the gardens and admiring the nature.


The artist came a long way struggling to find the best form and find a new path in her art work, but with all that efforts she found her clarity and new direction that we can admire from 3rd of June at hall Spassov Gallery, Bellevue, Washington.



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