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Marcelo Monreal’s Surreal Collages Reveal Beauty Behind Appearance

The Brazilian artist Marcelo Monreal  explodes portraits of celebrities and top models, revealing vegetal elements, to create surrealist digital collages. He actually cracks skulls in the most beautiful way possible.

The idea for Faces [UN] Bonded comes from a very important memory for Marcelo: an insight passed down from his mother. As he explains in this interview with Dettona, when his mother was dying, they worked in the garden together, and she told him “we are made of flowers”.  Marcelo now continues this understanding of human vulnerability and beauty by filling photos with floral arrangements.


In Monreal’s opinon, people don’t often tell us who they really are. Instead, they keep parts of their real selves hidden. He opens them up with his collages and reveals the rare moments in which we see the beauty that’s behind their appearance.





All Images © Marcelo Monreal

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