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Magical Resin Sculptures That Look Like Frozen Splashes Of Water

These beautiful sculptures belong to Italian artist Annaluigia Boeretto, who managed to capture the powerful splendor of splashing water, natural objects and show them captured in time. The Venice-based artist was definitely inspired by life on the water.


The sculptures make a stunning illusion and the whole work is a perfect mash of experiment and abstraction. The series of works is entitled Liquidity, and among the brightest works you may find recognizable forms, like butterflies while the others are intricate, exploding flowers or look like the huge waves just splashed over the cliff.


You might first think that these transparent sculptures are crafted from glass, while in reality the material is rather unusual – resin. The artist came with an idea of saturating the resin in blended pastel tones and stained it with bright splashes of colors. As a result you may enjoy such dreamy, realistic sculptures.


It is incredible how realistic these sculptures look like. The power of nature in golden hands of an artist.

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source: mymodernmet

Magical Resin Sculptures That Look Like Frozen Splashes Of Water
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