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“Islands of Emotions” New Series Of Drawings From Crystal Liu

Canadian artist Crystal Liu creates dazzling compositions using a limited palate of black, blue and gold, she  weaves poignantly distilled narratives of life’s emotional landscape in a delicate balance between optimism and melancholy. These wavy looking pieces creating a feeling of motion as they expand and contract in size.

The protagonists in Liu’s tales are the basic elements of earth and sky: stars, moons, water, and flora. Water plays a key role throughout, as mirror, rain, tears – sometimes threatening, other times purifying and nourishing. Night is the setting for dreams and golden stars that symbolize hope. Trees bend under the weight of gilded burdens but they are survivors, rooted and steadfast.

Liu’s paper works seemingly describe places, but to areas where we could never physically visit—intangible psychological and emotional landscapes.






All images © Crystal Liu 



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