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Intellectual Provocation From Rene Magritte

Belgian artist Rene Magritte used to be internationally popular for his idiosyncratic approach to surrealism. He spent dozens of years working as a commercial artist, designed advertising and book covers, and probably this was exactly what shaped him as artist. He still remains one of the most mysterious artists, whose works arose thousands of questions. One of his famous pieces is “Son of a man”, which many of the modern artists try to solve and find the proper symbolism and meaning. The modern scientists consider this work to be an intellectual provocation.


The most important goal of an artist was to make a watcher think: so every picture of Rene is kind of a puzzle with numerous hidden symbols. Its quantity depends on the person who is looking at the picture, and sometimes the artwork might not even contain any of the puzzle, but it is hard to believe.
Rene is a master of paradoxes, he sets up few logically contradicting tasks and leaves the solution to the watchers to decide.

The men in bowler have become central images in his art and maybe symbolize the artist himself. Every person who looks at the picture “The son of the man” where an apple is placed just in front of the face, has many contradictory conclusions about it. It was written in 1964 and was supposed to be an auto portray. The name of the work immediately corresponds to Biblical images. But if to follow the critics, the name of the work is mostly about a modern businessman, the son of Adam and the apple is still a symbol of seduce, which keeps hunting people even in the modern world.Rene_Magritte-11Rene_Magritte-10Rene_Magritte-7Rene_Magritte-6Rene_Magritte-3Rene_Magritte-8Rene_Magritte-9Rene_Magritte-2


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