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Incredibly Detailed Costumes In “Game Of Thrones” – It’s Impossible To Take Your Eyes Off

“The Game of Thrones” has gathered a lot of fans and became the most watched series known. For sure you have seen it dozens of times  and can’t wait until the next season. But have you ever noticed how much attention is paid to the details in this show? For example the outfits? Every piece is skillfully designed with intricate details, which can’t stay behind the scene! After watching these pictures, you will subconsciously search for these details while watching the next series. Especially pay attention to the embroidery by Michele Carragher:

Season2. One of the brightest dresses of Cersei. The embroidered bird has incredible amount of detail. And actually the first time you saw this dress was during the season 1.

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Season 1, Sansa. She is wearing this gown during the Tourney of the Hand. Have a look at the delicate roses around the neckline while vines and leaves trail down the sides.

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Season 2, Cersei. This bright dress features the famous Lannister colors of crimson and gold, and the amazing embroidered birds along with roaring lions make the design even more intriguing.

09-Cersei-Season-2 10-BHHh9YX 11-GJ6lYa4 12-ovRsMz2 13-7t50DIa
Season 3, Sansa. One of the best gowns in the whole series. The wedding dress was designed by Michele Clapton who wanted to make an embroidered band wrapped around and which would symbolically told Sansa’s life from the Tully and Stark to Lannisters.
The design with its own story starts from the lower back and moves to the front, showing the Lannister Lion becoming dominant over the Direwolf, and by the back neck the Lions head is stamped onto Sansa.

14-Sansa-Season-3 15-aIdT5dK 16-YSQLwBB 17-EgEb0jI 18-fdvW6pe 19-8ZgGo8H
Season 3, Cersei. For Cersei wedding the designer had a lovely dark red velvet printed with gold design.

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Season 2, Catelyn. The collar of the gown featured Tully fish and water. Check the details – it is remarkable work!

27-Catelyn-Stark-Season-2 28-472Qesq 29-Catelyn-Stark-Season-23-Outfit 30-ddHleyk 31-FV3Huav 32-OvElEJV 33-hGWoevZ 34-Y6ifqMu
Season 1, Arya. The daughter followed the mother’s style and also wore such kind of collars. But each of them has its own design.

35-Arya-Season-1 36-Sansa-Season-1 37-Ec79zoH
Season 3, Cersei. One more beautiful Lannister dress.

38-Cersei-Season-3 39-Ltl0iYJ 40-Ux9KTZu 41-ER4yeIm 42-6DLMX34
Season 3, Daenerys. This dress the designer was trying to make a dragon scale like textured embroidery, which starts to show up on Daenerys’s dress and becomes more and more vivid and heavier with the season progression.

43-Daenerys-Season-3 44-hWt21rf 45-RXL2ll9 46-der45tO 47-aUIbsX9 48-siEIPaN 49-zJlazm5
Season 2, Xaro Xhoan Daos. One of the brightest designs through all the series. Gold leaves, unusual jeweled insects, bright colors and metalwork – are the main features of the gown.

50-Xaro-Xhoan-Daxos-Season-2 51-oS7VeWX
Qartheen fashion. Have you noticed how many insects were sewn into the whole attire?

52-Qartheen-fashion 51-oS7VeWX 53-uFjkjgH 54-yWI5NQ7
Season 2, Sansa. The dress that was ripped off the shoulders, once Joffrey order her to strip.

63-Sansa-Season-2 64-L0e3Axt
One more lion dress

65-Another-lion-dress-of-Cersei039s 66-xFxyaeA 67-3HPQtRA
Season 3, Salladhor Saan

68-Salladhor-Saan-Season-3 69-W2evK8n
House Arryn Sigil

70-House-Arryn-Sigil 71-AuF0dk9


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