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Incredible Wood Sculptures Made With Hundred Of Nails

Artist Jaime Molina is mostly working with 2, 2.5 and 4 dimensions. The artist usually transforms large scale paintings into the sculptures and also making something in between the sculpture and artwork. The works that you see now represent the sculptures that are made of simple wood and are actually left raw, with no special color or other liquid applied, or are painted but still in a very simple way, preserving its natural look and keeping the same manner as other murals of the artist.



In this very collection, Molina focused his attention on designing the wooden heads, using nails as an idea to create the hair of every object.
Even though all the nails are placed chaotically and different sizes of nails, this method gives sculptures a totally unique and new look. Besides, nails add dimension to the male heads, which are carved from the found wood.

What makes it even more special, that these objects are all done in small dimension, though it is hard to believe by looking at these pictures. Here are some more of the works, to give you better idea what Molina creates with his golden hands.






Images via @ Jamie Molina

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