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Incredible Surrealistic Artworks Reminding Of Dali And Escher

The 55 year old artist Rob Gonsalves creates his surrealistic works in the manner of such artistic giants as Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. His works smoothly shift from outstanding illusions of depth and scale.

When you look at the works of Rob Gonsalves for the first time you might see an ordinary picture . But as soon as your glance lasts just few seconds longer you realize how layers start to change forming fictional realities. A number of his works blur the boundaries of natural and create new environments, man-made and organic phenomena.

His pieces of art show how books magically turn into the steps and making a round a domed library. Then the bricks become rooftops while the children walk along a path.
Rob used to work as an architect after college and also painted theater sets on the side. But as soon as his talent started to get popular, he turned painting into his major profession.

In spite of the fact that artist’s works are considered to be surrealistic, it is not quite true as his images are planned to be like that on purpose and are a result of conscious thought. You may recognize a number of items from the external world even they are masked skilfully through illusionist devices.

Gonsalves works are a bit magical and realistic at the same time. Therefore, the best term to describe his works would be “Magic Realism”.



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