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Incredible Illusionary Makeup Art of Chooo-San

Japanese artist Chooo-San, master of illusionary makeup art, turn her young models into characters from a travelling freak show. Using only acrylic paints, these amazingly realistic images are enough to make anyone look twice.

Chooo-San doesn’t use any digital editing, the bizarre body-modifications are painstakingly applied using just paint, and they no doubt give passers-by a fright.

Artists discovered her talent by drawing the eyes on her back during breaks from studying for university admission exams. Since than she was trying to create creepy effects adding multiple facial and robotic-style features on other people.

Chooo-San explains: ‘I don’t really have a reason why I started doing those pictures. But I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop.

‘My works are all done with acrylic paints. They are all painted on skin directly and I don’t use computers or anything to change the picture afterwards.’



japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art1 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-17

japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-4 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-6 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-7 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-8

japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-9 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-10 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-11

japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-12 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-13 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-14

japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-2 japanese-artist-chooo-san-s-incredible-illusionary-makeup-art-3

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