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Human Face Was Created From 2000 Suspended Metal Stars

One of the most amazing effects of 3D was reached by a British artists Steven Follen, who created his masterpiece “For all time”.


Just think how much accurate work was involved, as the whole installation was done with a help if 2000 hand-folded metal stars.


The inspiration came to the artist from numerous Shakespeare’s writings and maybe that’s why this masterpiece was commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


In result you can admire the 3D face of 3 meters tall that is made of 2000 stainless starts suspended from the ceiling. You can also see the stars around the face, which again reflect the position of the constellations on Shakespeare’s birthday.


You can admire the new invention in the birthplace of a great writer in the Swan Ring, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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source: contemporist

Human Face Was Created From 2000 Suspended Metal Stars
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