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LA TRUFFE: Unique Collection Of Handmade Dolls From Ukrainian Designer

Kherson, Ukraine-based artist and designer Anna Dubikovskaya creates incredible, one-of-a-kind art dolls. These lovable creations are completely handmade, and each comes with a unique personality.

Her artistic talents were never displayed before she gave birth to her second child. What started as an idea to make happy her two little daughters by designing special toys for them soon revealed itself to be her artistic calling. Anna worked tirelessly to acquire all of the skills needed to create the detailed and expressive dolls of her imagination.

All of her efforts have been certainly paid off — the dolls have caught an attention of handcraft works lovers and she now has a community of fans breathlessly waiting for her next creation. Drawing from fairytales, folklore and literature, these soft cute characters can become a heart-warming gift ideas for those who love decorate their homes with exclusive handmade items.

Anna regularly donates her artworks to charity-related auctions to fight childhood cancer, her contributions have already saved few young lives.





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All Images © Anna Dubikovskaya 

LA TRUFFE: Unique Collection Of Handmade Dolls From Ukrainian Designer
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