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Gorgeous Carved Golden Nissan GT-R Was A Gem At The Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show 2016 had a special guest which made a huge impression on all the attendants, Kuhl-Racing Nissan GT-R was a real pearl at the show and such a look couldn’t be missed. The golden details you see on the sides of the car are not a wrap but an awesome carving job with a painting. First, the artists made carvings and only after the painting was applied to give a car a totally chic look! Have a look at this series of pictures of step by step work on this artwork:

1-170 2-133 3-133 4-130 7-112 6-117 5-121 12-76 10-90 9-92 11-82 15-60 16-54 14-63 13-66


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