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Georgian Artist Brings Back Childhood Memories Through His Paintings

If you have a look at the works of Georgian artist David Martiashvili, you might think they are illustrations from the kid’s books. Though, in reality these are paintings, depicting the happiest moments of our life – childhood. But they can also inspire you to tell the fairy tale of your own.


The main goal of the artist is to create a valuable art through the rich color scheme, special painting technique brought the artist to such results.

David Martiashvili - Tutt'Art@ (40)
The artist admits, that he would like to wake up a feeling of holiday with his pictures. They should cheer you up and be optimistic, which is extremely important now, in the world of cruelty and disharmony.

The wish of the artist seems to work pretty good, can you still hold the smile while looking at these pictures?

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