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Fashion Through Buildings And Clouds

The well known fashion illustrator and architect Shamekh Bluwi has already inspired us with his works, by using buildings, clouds, and other landscapes to add a final touch to his models. He has been quiet for a while for a reason and now is back with a new collection, which burst with imagination and are even more exquisite as before.


The first inspiration came to Bluwi during a trip to Dubai, when the artist wanted to unite his traveling experience with fashion illustrations, so he captured the visited cities in the clothing designs. By cutting out specific forms and shapes, he gives his models authentic look and outfits which can hardly be compared to something else. Just have a look at this boost of creativity:

paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-13-57a2e664c0518__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-01 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-14-57a2e667b2d96__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-20-57a2e679bbf78__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-10-57a2e65ccde71__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-25-57a2e6890473c__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-24-57a2e685a5636__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-33-57a2e69ec231a__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-31-57a2e6996d66a__700 paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi-29-57a2e69584cb0__700


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