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Fantastic LEGO Mustang Crafted In Full Size

Recently the sculptures from LEGO started to gain more and more popularity. It is no longer a toy for kids, but a huge challenge for adults! As things people create now from this construction are really amazing.For example, this is a life size 1964 Mustang, which is crafted almost entirely from small pieces of LEGO and DUPLO blocks. The only thing that is made from another material is the frame. The total weight of the car is 1, 712 pounds. Comparing to the real car – it is nothing, as only the frame weights 752 pounds.


People start wondering if this Mustang is actually driveable – that would be fun to watch out of your window, right? But the question is would it be able to fit at least an engine inside and other essential parts? Would it be possible at least to start such an awesome car? So many questions stay without answer!


But anyway it is absolutely amazing how patient can a person be to create such a masterpiece. Just have a closer look at this beauty!


source: theawesomedaily

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