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Famous Artworks Hiding Inside The Lollipops

If you have never enjoyed the art or history subjects while studying at school, for sure you would love the lesson with such creative lollipops! The famous artworks are hidden inside such sweet and crunchy candies, which will make you first carefully study the content and only after dare to make a small bite!



The lollipops are invention of LIQ NYC and  are made with pure cane sugar and have a cotton candy flavor! The art works lollipops include such famous pieces as Mona Lisa, Starry Night and American Gothic.

But this is not the only available design in the assortment of the company, as you can also find planetary outer space lollipops, for those willing to catch up with astronomy, zombie ones – just to have some fun, wedding and baby shower lollipops! Every event can be accompanied with these creative lollipops.

If you were looking for some ideas as present or just party decor –these lollipops are a cute option!


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