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Eye-Catching “New Pop” Acrylic Series From Patrice Murciano

Eye-Catching “New Pop” Acrylic Series From Patrice Murciano

44-year old visual artist Patrice Murciano was born in Belfort but grew up in the south of France, where he mostly spends his time even now, in spite of the fact that most of his exhibitions are abroad. His passion for painting was revealed quite early: in the age of 6 he already started to reproduce famous cartoon characters. And two years later started to paint the portraits and female nudes with his mom’s makeup. Patrice was fascinated by the great masters and he reproduced the masterpieces of Velásquez and Rembrandt on oil canvas boards.

His parents quickly understood that he had a great talent and wanted Patrice to enter the fine-art school. But close friends of the family, art connoisseurs, as well as his art teacher worried that the talent of Patrice would be “affected” by a normal course at art school. His parents, whose activities were far from art, let Patrice to express his imagination on the canvas as he saw it. Thus it helped him to develop his unique artistic and acrylic style.

Artists keeps learning even until now, by trying new techniques and new portrays. Patrice confesses that at this period of his life he would prefer to paint portraits: the faces that inspire him.  Do not tell him he is a painter, he did not recognize. He describes himself as “Researcher art” in constant search of new techniques and new styles (acrylic, ink, oil, sculpture, graphics) in his studio he calls the LEA (laboratory experiments artistic).


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