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Exquisite Spirit Sculptures From Hand-Carved Driftwood

Thanks to the skillful hands of the artist Debra Bernier, the chunks of carved driftwood turn into such figurative artworks. Starting her work with rough and distressed fragments of trees, she masterfully turns them into smooth and graceful sculptures, featuring a light pink and blue accents. The sculptures are a fusion of humanity and nature: while there are delicate human faces, the bodies take shape of nature elements, either of a seashell or brambles, some of the works take a futuristic line and feature angel wings.


According to the artist, each of the wooden sculptures holds a story which is revealed only when the artist starts carving. Even though Debra changes the whole look of the wood, some of its organic shapes stay preserved, like swooping curves and blunt branches. In this way, artist reaches a true collaboration between humankind and nature world.



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