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Eccentric Watercolour Cats of Rachel Parker

American, South California based, self-taught artist Rachel Parker specializes in watercolour animal portraits. Rachel works primary in watercolours because she likes the sense of light this medium conveys. As the daughter of artist, she has always been immersed in the world of art and loves to share with the public through her website.

Employed full time as a school social worker, Rachel paints at night and on week ends. Main motivation for creating her art to capture what otherwise may go unnoticed, to reveal beauty in simple moments and objects.


Her Etsy shop features around 80 cat portraits in addition to many more of dogs, horses, farm animals etc. She has a section devoted to Siamese cats, a breed with which she has a special bond.







All images © Rachel Parker

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  • These watercolors are so beautiful they caused my eyes to tear up! I’m a largely self-taught water colorist, who has NOT developed my technique this far. I find the work inspiring! Thanks for posting. Only question, why “eccentric” in title?