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The Most Amazing Driftwood Sculptures Of Debra Bernier

Canada-based talented artist Debra Bernier creates astonishing sculptures by using natural materials as driftwood, clay and shells. Her connection to nature and recognition of what is sacred are evident in Debra’s original artworks. According to the artist every piece of driftwood is already a sculpture made by natural powers as wind and sea waves, all she tries to do is to interpret and shape the original story hidden in the wood. Debra’s discovery of ways to express herself to revelation of her true emotions.

driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-1  driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-10driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-9driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-8driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-7driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-6driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-5driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-3driftwood-spirit-sculptures-debra-bernier-2

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