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Digital Art: Emotional Female Portrays

Ukrainian artist Nadezhda Cherkasova skilfully combined soft lines and pastel tones in her sensitive female portrays. In her works you may see not only childish naivete¬†but also a woman’s sexuality. Drawn on the digital board, these illustrations attract the viewers with innocence, realistic facial expressions and emotions.



Just have a look in the eyes of these images, so thoughtful and gentle, extremely attractive!


You might get an impression that the portrays are done with colorful pencils, where every line has its own story. But all of the works are done with a graphic board. Thanks to a great talent, endless imagination and hard work, she manages to create truly bright illustrations.

Digital-Art14 Digital-Art13 Digital-Art15 Digital-Art11 Digital-Art16 Digital-Art10 Digital-Art17 Digital-Art18 Digital-Art9 Digital-Art4 Digital-Art6 Digital-Art5 Digital-Art8 Digital-Art7 Digital-Art3

All Images @yourporcelaindoll.deviantart

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