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Depictions Of Extraterrestrial Beings Hidden In Leonardo Da Vinci’s Paintings

Leonardo Da Vinci is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time. But he was not just a painter and artist, he was also an engineer, architect, scientist, inventor, cartographer, anatomist, botanist and writer.  And no he was not a Jack of all Trades, he was a master in almost every field, in effect a true Polymath and genius.

There are a lot of theories that Leonardo has secret symbols and secret messages in his paintings. Everything he’s doing he’s rethinking even traditional subjects in the very beginning and really imagining them in new and creative ways. So is it possible, that as in his writing’s Leonardo used similar techniques in his paintings, using the mirror to see different dimensions and aspects.

Some paranormal conspiracy theorists claim Leonardo Da Vinci was even hiding the existence of alien life – and the ‘proof’ can be found in the Mona Lisa.

Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo’s known as the Mona Lisa (the name is actually Monna Lisa La Gioconda), in the Louvre Museum collection since 1797 is perhaps the most famous portrait ever made.

A video released by the Paranormal Crucible web site claims the ‘higher being’ was hidden in the famous painting by the artist in a sort of extra terrestrial Turin Shroud.

The bizarre video is narrated by a computer-generated voice and says: “Many theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work.

“If this is true then it’s reasonable to assume that the Mona Lisa was in fact painted in order to conceal important historical and religious facts possibly regarding the extraterrestrial presence and its surreptitious involvement within the Roman Catholic Church.”

Extraterrestrial-Beings-1Conspiracists have connected the painting to aliens

It goes on to describe how you can make out the being’s facial features, headdress, cloak and its hands. However, the narration offers no real explanation as to why it would have been hidden within the painting. It even goes on to admit that it had to manipulate colours in the treasured art work on computer for it to be visible to the naked eye.

Viewers were not all convinced by the mini documentary with one posting to YouTube: “Alien high priest? What religion would be an alien?”

But Scott C Waring, an alien conspiracy theorist who runs the UFO Sightings Daily website suggested it was obvious because the famous painter was in fact an alien himself, but had kept it secret.

It is not the first time it has been suggested there are hidden codes and images in the painting.

In 2010 art historians said they discovered tiny numbers and letters painted into the eyes of the artist’s enigmatic Mona Lisa painting, that could have been a code.

There are thousands and thousands of documents that tell us what Leonardo thought. Found among the papers of Leonardo da Vinci few personal anecdotes, composed just after the mysterious disappearance of two years, between 1476 and 1478. At one point, da Vinci’s youthful adventure clarify further that find a vast and mysterious cave, he describes the dark cave, and saying he felt terrified in the darkness of the cave and what might be in it. It also says that there would have been his contact with aliens.

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