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The Deadliest Art From Luke Jerram

These pieces of art are nothing like what you assume. Luke Jerram is the one who creates the deadliest art in the world. As all his subjects caused pain to millions of people throughout history. Besides that they are resilient, infectious and can be found everywhere. The deadliest viruses and bacteria captured in the new forms and shapes, which turned them into stunning and scary masterpieces.

The main goal of artist, who is living now in Bristol with wife and two kids is to explore the tension between viruses devastating beauty and what ruining effect they can have on humanity after all. Together with glassblowers British artist created glass genomes, which he carefully placed on tiny pedestals. The last touch is to close up the top and add final touches of spikes and glycoproteins, which were shaped and kept melting, so all the work was at approximately same temperature. Even though the natural process of viral replication is effortless, some viruses can actually slip up. But the glassblowers Jerram is working with are true experts and possess traditional glass-making skills.


Glassblowers were originally trained to create distilleries used in chemistry departments. So their goal and major challenge was to develop such a technique which would portray the virus particle in the detail how Jerram envisioned them.

Jerram became interested in creating microbial sculptures after spending some time looking into the microscope. What he felt is that the way viruses and bacteria presented in media are very different in reality. As a result, Jeremy who is color blind felt the colors on the side letting people decided by themselves how they want to envision the viruses. Jeremy and his team managed to create 22 sculptures of seven different viruses and bacterium, the majority of which could fit into the palm of the hand. The artist loves to see how other people react to the famous viruses and how odd it is to actually like the way they look, knowing how much harm and how many deaths they caused.





source: twistedsifter

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