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Culinary Art: Mosaic Sushi Arrangements

The latest food art which conquers the internet is the mosaic sushi. Users from all over the world share their pictures of artistic culinary art, which turns regular sushi into vibrant, tiled compositions, while ingredients vary from cucumbers to corn and are arranged in beautiful pictures, which are even a pity to eat.

mosaic-sushi-japanese-food-instagram-trend-designboom-02tastemade japan


This staple Japanese cuisine is made like ceramic tiles, arranged according to the color, hue and pattern. Thanks to the bright color of tuna which lies alongside the golden eggs, it looks like a mosaic design perfectly arranged in symmetrical aesthetics.


Now, foods is no longer just a tasty meal, consumed during breakfast, lunch or dinner but it  has turned into real art.


Have a look at this sushi mosaics and choose your own tile.



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