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Complex Artworks Created With Spray Paint by Hoxxoh

America, Miami-based artist Douglas Hoekzema (aka Hoxxoh) creates some fascinating and complex artworks, vaporous and ultra-colourful. His is placing bursts of spray paint for his brightly coloured patterns. By layering consecutive rings he turns flat walls into tunnels of colour, several of which he completed recently at his Instagram account.

Hoxxoh-street-art-2 Hoxxoh-street-art-16



hox-7 hox-6 hox-5 hox-4 hox-3 hox-2 hox-1

13743589_572080959644677_1186903442_n 13722021_1758109297740658_732836882_n

All Images ©Douglas Hoekzema


Complex Artworks Created With Spray Paint by Hoxxoh
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