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Colorful Series Of Theatrical Collages by Alice Lindstrom

The stunning collages that are presented in this collection are nothing else but the result of Alice Lindstrom’s own developed illustrative style. Every piece of her work reflects the background of Theater Design and Art History, which couldn’t be left unnoticeable.


These colorful images are designed by using traditional cut and paste collage techniques. The artist completes the work by layering paper and gluing it in pace. You might think that what you see is the painting, but actually this work is composed from dozens of small pieces of painted paper which altogether make such a stunning picture!

Alice gets her inspiration from the 20th century painters, such as Gabriele Munter, Ernst Kirchner and Oskar Kokoschka, as all of these artists were using colors free and as a result achieved a moving expressiveness, which is exactly what Alice is after. But besides the well known painters, the artist couldn’t miss the influence of illustrations from her favorite children’s books, like Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak and Judith Wright. As a result we may admire the colossal job and hopefully soon we will see the moving expressiveness in her further works.

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Images [email protected] Alice Lindstrom

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