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Co Work Between Artist And Bees Results In Beautiful Honeycomb Sculptures

Aganetha Dyck, the Canadian artist presented a special collection of art – The Masked Ball, where she uses old, broken porcelain sculptures from 17th century and fixes them with the help of bees – who protect them with a special coat of honeycomb.

Artist interest in bees is not a coincidence, as she has 20 years of experience working with scientists and beekeepers and is particularly interested in the power of small. Artist wonders what kind of changes all living beings would experience if once all the bees disappear.

How does she manage to make these kind of unique works? Aganetha places the sculpture inside the beehive and lets the bees do whatever they want – giving all the freedom of actions to nature. As a result – you actually see the masterwork from bees, who as it turns out are far more creative than just making honey!



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