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Charming St. Petersburg Cats of Vladimir Rumyantsev

Vladimir Rumyantsev, talented Russian artist, started drawing at the age of four. In St Petersburg he attended the Serov Art School and received his degree in 1976 as a commercial artist. He then continued his study at the Academy of Fine Arts, the graphics department.

He artwork is known throughout Russia and Europe, his paintings are presented in a number of museum collections in the former Soviet Union and Germany, USA, UK, Finland and Sweden.Vladimir paints mainly in watercolor, and his works are full of fun. He has become popular for his “St. Petersburg cats.”


History is filled with folklore about cats. One of the most charming stories comes from Russia. They say that if there is at least one cat on the roofs of any town, it means angels are there to protect all those who live there.

For those of us who think cats are angels, it’s not a stretch for the imagination.






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