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British Artists Races Against Time And Tide To Create His Works On The Beach

sand art

Julian Richardson 42-years-old artist from Wiltshire, creates stunning sand artworkstacross the south west of England since 2013. Measuring up to 500ft in diameter, these unusual works of art transform deserted beaches into blank canvases.

He has only few hours to complete each drawing before it is reclaimed by the tide. Creative artist is using a wire leaf rake to tickle the sand. When darker wet sand underneath revealed the contrast between layers become visible.

The beach chosen by Mr Richardson located Brean Down in Somerset has one of the world’s largest tidal changes, giving him a wide stretch of beach on which to work.

The artists claims the best way to make a record of his work is from above, he has only seven hours to complete the design and capture it as the incoming tide erases it immediately.


sand art designs

sand art 2

sand craft

sand art in England


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