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Bizarre Museum in Croatia Boasts Over 500 Stuffed Frogs Doing People Things

Sometimes museums can be boring affairs, but Croatia is home to a highly unusual one: Froggyland boasts over 500 stuffed frogs posed into very human positions.

This bizarre collection of anthropomorphic amphibians at Froggyland consists of 507 stuffed frogs arranged in 21 cases. The Hungarian taxidermist Ference Mere dedicated his life creating these dioramas, he devoted 10 years to stuffing and meticulously arranging the frogs. When he completed the project in 1920, there were around 1,000 of them. The frogs displayed at Froggyland passed from owner to owner until finally making it to Croatia and getting their own museum.


The amphibians have been preserved through taxidermy and then posed in a variety of very human scenarios like playing tennis or going to the dentist.


Mere’s project may sound eccentric, but his work is truly remarkable. He used an advanced taxidermy technique in which the frogs were stuffed with cork through the mouth.






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