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Beautiful Female Images By Stanislav Sugintas

Astonished by the beauty of female body, the modern artist from Lithuania has created a stunning series of artworks, depicting gorgeous women and their beauty.


Being a graduate from Minsk Art Academy the artist has numerous exhibitions in the most prestige European galleries. Currently the artist is living in Minsk and working with numerous foreign galleries and still has time to make his admirers happy by showing such wonderful works.


Get inspired with a beauty of women we are surrounded every day and which sometimes we don’t notice.

Stanislav-Sugintas_4_545_699 Stanislav-Sugintas_17600_600 Stanislav-Sugintas_11_511_640 Stanislav-Sugintas_12600_351 Stanislav-Sugintas_8_510_640 Stanislav-Sugintas_1600_755 Stanislav-Sugintas_13600_466 Stanislav-Sugintas_18600_477 Stanislav-Sugintas_6600_488 Stanislav-Sugintas_10_508_640 Stanislav-Sugintas_9600_497 73734e23ece6 Stanislav-Sugintas_5_552_699 c838b16341a2



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