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Astonishing World’s Bodypainting Festival In Austria

The annual Bodypainting festival is usually taking place at Woerthersee Lake, in the south Austria. The event is gathering around 1500 participants, 300 artists from all over the world who come here to compete in the extravagant and colorful body paint contest!


The festival usually lasts for three full days with one week preparing, where you can not only enjoy watching how the mastership of paint is transferred on the bodies of the models, but also take a lesson from professional artists, watch numerous exhibitions and have fun dancing or partying with world famous Djs.

What is even more remarkable, that around 20 years ago, this festival was just a small gathering of few artists to share their techniques and was an idea of tourism manager of Austria – to create such a festival to attract people and improve the level of tourism in this area. But he had no idea that small event will turn into the world famous festival attended by thousands of people every single year to see the art of paint and brush and just enjoy the colorful and cheerful atmosphere!

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