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Astonishing Sculpture Of Harry Potter Bridge Made Of A Book

This amazingly detailed sculpture has been crafted by English artist Thomas Wightman, specially for Visit Scotland. The sculpture shows the wonder of a train ride over the Glenfinnan Viaduct bridge, which was one of the most spectacular bridges in the Harry Potter movies.


One of the main reasons why artist chose a book for the sculpture is the fact that books are the ones that tell stories the best, right? The artwork has so many fascinating details, like tiny swing hanging from the  tree, separate windows etched into the train cars and the tiny letters spread around the the story.

The finished sculpture is truly amazing, but what is even more impressive, the series of photos showing how this masterpiece was created with the help of Xacto blade, tweezers, glue, tape. It is absolutely hard to believe how such tiny details could be crafted from paper.



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